Montana news, arts & culture and music podcasts from Montana Public Radio.

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Montana News

All MTPR news stories from across Montana.

Evening Newscasts

Montana Public Radio weeknight newscasts.

Montana Politics, Elections and Government

Montana politics, elections, and Legislature news from Montana Public Radio.

Campaign Beat

Weekly political analysis during election season.

Capitol Talk

Weekly legislative news and analysis during the session.

SubSurface: Resisting Montana's Underwater Invaders

Reporting from the future on the threat of invasive mussels to Montana's waterways.

Montana Wildfire News

Montana wildfire and air quality news.


Stories of life on earth.

Field Notes

Nature notes and inquiry from the Montana Natural History Center.

The Write Question

Interviews with authors from across the western U.S.

Musician's Spotlight

Interviews with today's most compelling musicians.

Can Do: Lessons From Savvy Montana Entreprenuers

Lessons From Savvy Montana Entreprenuers.

Food Guys

Illuminating the culinary world with hosts Greg Patent and Jon Jackson.

Dr. Starbuck's Health Tips For Kids

Health tips for kids.

Kids Like You and Me

Stories of acceptance and rejection from kids like you and me.

Front Row Center

Upcoming performing arts and music around western Montana.

Reflections West

Writers and scholars reflect on the American West through literature.

Home Ground Radio

Public affairs interviews with host Brian Kahn.