Sperry Chalet Fire Started By Embers And Rodent Nest

Jun 21, 2018

The National Park Service Thurs released details of an investigation of the fire that burned the Sperry Chalet’s dormitory in Glacier National Park last August.

The review found a windblown ember, or “firebrand,” likely entered the Chalet’s dormitory through a gap where a wooden timber passed through the stone wall in the second story.

A fire in the dining and kitchen building is believed to have begun in nesting material under an eave.

Firefighters were able to protect other structures in the Chalet complex but despite best efforts using sprinkler lines and retardant drops couldn’t save the century-old dormitory.

The Department of Interior recently secured $12 million to rebuild the scorched structure. The project is expected to require up to 50 helicopter flights per day, with additional supplies to be packed in by mules.